Practical Guide to Successful Retirement

An online, 2 hour, interactive workshop that introduces the idea of retirement as a transition and what contributes to a successful retirement.

In this workshop participants will:

  • Discover the key elements that contribute to wellbeing in retirement

  • Identify what a successful transition into retirement involves

  • Consider what your future lifestyle could include Reflect on what retirement means for you

  • Generate ideas for action to make your transition to retirement successful

Explore the Possibilities

Design Your Future Life

A longer programme of workshops in which you will work through what the transition means for you and what adjustments you need to make.

You will consider each of the four key elements in detail, make some decisions about your future life and create an action plan.

A short series of workshops that explores

what the transition to retirement involves and the adjustments that you will need to make.


You will explore the four key elements to a successful retirement and make some decisions about what the future may look like.