Reflect Explore Decide

A 90 minute workshop designed to help you to explore what retirement means to you, the challenges it will present and how you can create the retirement you want. At the end of this workshop you will be clear about the challenges that will face you and what you can do to navigate your way through them.

retirement planning.jpg
My retirement plan

A half day workshop in which you will identify the things that are important to you in retirement, consider the different areas of your life that you need to take into account, think about what you need to do and start to make a plan that will take you where you want to go.

life I choose.jpg
Creating the life I choose

A series of 3 workshops that will look at the challenges of retirement and identify strategies and new ways of thinking to overcome them, be clear about your values and what is important to you, think about what gives meaning and purpose to your life, consider the options for what to do in retirement and make a plan that will create the life you choose.