Retirement is a Transition

Retirement is changing. Improvements in health care means that most people in their mid or later life are expecting not just to live longer but to be able to live a life rich with meaning and fulfilment.

Retirement is no longer an ending, it is a transition to a new and exciting phase of life rich in possibilities and potential that might be taking the time to do all the things they have dreamed of doing but also might include a new career, starting their own business, working part-time, volunteering or helping to raise grandchildren. 

The transition to retirement can be difficult, particularly if it comes earlier than expected or is not at a time of our choosing. At Retirement Life Plan we understand the difficulties that the transition can pose and have developed a research-based approach that allows people to discover the key elements that contribute to wellbeing in retirement, consider what their future lifestyle could look like and generates ideas for action to make their transition to retirement successful.


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Retirement Life Plan


Brian's Story

Brian always said he would “never retire”. Retirement was a boring life.

His job meant often spending many nights away from home. He enjoyed being busy and the relationships with both customers and colleagues. Work gave him structure to his life and a lot of personal freedom, although very little time for interests outside of work. He loathed gardening and DIY, so employed a gardener, but did enjoy running half marathons. 

As he approached 60, Brian hoped to spend more time with his new grandchildren but found his adult family had routines and lives of their own, and had by now moved away for their own careers. Failing knees meant giving up running which he missed.

Mary became ill and, as he approached 68, Brian suddenly found himself widowed, and with very little to occupy his time except occasional visits to / from the family.

Brian had done little thinking about his retirement though he had paid a lot of attention to financial planning, and did not need to worry about money. After about a year, realising that his health was suffering, Brian began working with a coach at the suggestion of his financial advisor. He identified that what he really enjoyed, and missed, was social contact and a structure to his day.

Five years on, Brian has built a life that is fulfilling and gives him a sense of purpose and worth.

Brian's is a familiar story. At some point most of us will need to move on from a full ‘working’ life, sometimes at a pace or timing not of our own choosing, due to ill health, redundancy or other economic events.

Planning for what comes next can mean that even though we might not be in control of the circumstances, we can be proactive in the situation and make the transition as smooth and positive as possible.



One to one coaching is an ideal means to explore your own challenges in making the adjustment to a new way of life. As well as considering your personal transition, you will think about how your future life might align with the things that are important for you and with the people around you.


"I found it useful to reflect on the various positives and meaning I get from work, the potential impact of losing that value and structure in life, and the need to prepare for withdrawing from that environment" – John Baker



Our retirement workshops provide a useful introduction to the challenges that you may face in an interactive, online group setting. 

There is also an option to explore those  challenges in more depth in a longer programme of workshops to identify your ideal life and create an action plan. 


"It was well thought out, evidence based, addressed an aspect of ‘retirement’ that is largely overlooked, thought provoking and encouraging as to rewarding ways forward" – Simon Eedle

"I found it interesting and informative. There were many aspects that I hadn’t really considered previously. It also reinforced the aspects I had already considered" – Graham Smith

Anne Cannings

Anne has over 30 years’ experience in learning and coaching, specialising in designing and delivering tailored development solutions to groups and individuals.

Anne is qualified and registered to use a wide range of psychometric materials, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, The Strength Deployment Inventory, and Belbin Team Roles.

She works with individuals and organisations from a variety of sectors, including public bodies, manufacturing, scientific, engineering and IT companies, professional services consultancies, local authorities, retail, not-for-profit organisations, NHS Trusts, housing associations and police and fire services.

Nigel Pacey

Nigel has over 20 years’ management and leadership experience in social housing following an early career working with young people and refugees in the third sector.

He is an experienced senior executive and his  experience of running a customer facing department has given him a clear understanding of the challenges facing organisations and teams. 

Nigel began working as a trainer, coach and consultant with Housing organisations 10 years ago after ‘retiring’ for social housing. He holds a diploma in Personal Performance Coaching, a Business Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming and is accredited in both Strengthscope and DISC profiling.


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