Reflect - Explore - Decide
Plan ahead for a great retirement

The Covid crisis and especially lockdown has led many people to think about how and where they work. Some are wondering whether and when they should retire.

The Reflect - Explore - Decide workshop is designed to help people explore what their retirement means to them, what it might involve and how they can create the retirement they want. Participants will assess how ready they are for retirement and identify what they need to do to be fully prepared.


During the workshop you will:

  • Think big about your dream retirement

  • Consider where you are on the road to retirement

  • Know what actions you can take to improve your readiness for retirement

  • Decide on and commit to your first step.

The workshop can be run in-company as part of an employee wellbeing programme. We will also be running ‘open’ sessions from in 2021.

Duration - 90 minutes, to include discussion, presentation and reflection time

Format - We recognise that ‘live’ training events are difficult at the moment so we have developed the workshop as an online (Zoom) experience. We will run it face to face when Covid-19 regulations allow.

For more information or to reserve a place at a workshop, please contact me on 07504 826446 or email me: