Our one-to-one coaching packages provide tailored support with the retirement transition. They will not only help you design a personalised, long-term vision, but also help you prepare for potential bumps along the way. We offer three coaching options and a complimentary first consultation if you would like to understand more about planning for retirement.

The programme includes:

  • What retirement means for you,

  • Your readiness for retirement,

  • Deciding when to retire,

  • Nature of retirement right for you,

  • Short and long term Retirement Vision

  • Key adjustments and challenges,

  • Detailed action planning

  • Implementation of your plan

Option 1 'Navigating Retirement'
A comprehensive and personalised coaching programme enabling you to design and clarify your vision for retirement and begin working through any personal adjustments in the transition.

At the end of this programme, you will have:

  • Personality Profile Report

  • A detailed Action Plan

  • Retirement Vision Report

  • Personalised Summary Report 

  • Retirement Life Planner

  • Ideas for partners

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To arrange a complimentary consultation, please contact one of us:

Anne Cannings: 07979 854444 or 

Nigel Pacey: 07504 826446 or

Option 2 'Scoping the Future' 


A compact coaching programme in which you will explore key elements of retirement wellbeing and identify critical areas in your personal vision for retirement.

This programme includes:

  • What retirement means for you

  • Your readiness for retirement

  • Key adjustments and challenges

  • A compact Retirement Vision

  • Outline Action Plan

At the end of this programme, you will have:

  • Retirement Vision Report

  • Personalised Summary Report

  • Outline Action Plan

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Option 3 'Understanding Retirement' 
A one-off coaching session in which you will quickly identify areas to focus on and next steps to take in the transition.
This session includes:
  • Review of your retirement vision
  • Insight into common retirement issues and pitfalls
  • Areas for further action.
After this session you will have:
  • Personalised Summary Report
  • Identified 2 or 3 key actions
  • Report for Financial Advisor
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