Coaching is a form of support, built on trust and honesty, which helps you to develop a greater understanding of your wishes, desires and abilities, empowering you to make decisions and take actions, creating changes that enable you to achieve what you want.

In our 'Planning Your Retirement' coaching programme, you will:

  • decide what your retirement will look like,

  • explore the transition from work to retirement

  • develop a plan to create the retirement have chosen

At the end of the coaching programme, you will have:

  • Personality Profile Report

  • A draft Action Plan

  • Personalised report of your coaching outcomes

  • IFA summary report to discuss with your IFA

'Scoping the Future' is a shorter coaching programme of three sessions in which you will gain clarity on what the transition to retirement involves and the adjustments that you will need to make. You will start to make some decisions about what the future may look like.

At the end of this programme, you will have:

  • an outline of a plan

  • Personalised coaching report

  • IFA summary report

'Understanding Retirement' is a one-off coaching session designed to develop an understanding that retirement is a transition and what the key elements of a successful retirement are.