Reflect - Explore - Decide 

A coaching programme designed to help you explore what retirement means for you, what the challenges might be and how you can create the retirement you want.


What is important to you in your life?

How do you feel about retirement?

What do you want your retirement to be like?

What might you lose or gain in retirement?


Where are you now on 8 key aspects of your life such as finance, relationships, health?

What do you want from those 8 key aspects in retirement?


What conclusions do you take from Reflect and Explore?

What does that mean for how you plan for retirement?

Decide on your Action Plan and how you will make it happen.

This programme is typically 4 sessions - 1 each for Reflect and Decide, 2 for Explore.

There may be a need for additional sessions according to the level of detail you decide to cover in each session.

Coaching can be either online using Zoom or in person if preferred and when Covid restrictions allow.  

It is also possible to add on further sessions after the programme to support you in taking action and reviewing progress.

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a form of support, built on trust and honesty, which helps you to develop a greater understanding of your wishes, desires and abilities, empowering you to make decisions and take actions, creating changes that enable you to achieve what you want.


It is not teaching, mentoring, counselling, therapy or just a way of someone else finding the solutions for you. The person being coached holds the responsibility for their own lives and the results they get from coaching. Ultimately, coaching is about clarifying goals, identifying possibilities, deciding what to do and taking action.

How it Works


Sessions usually last between one and two hours and can take place at your home, your office or another convenient venue by agreement.


A series of sessions is usually preferable as it enables the coaching relationship to develop, allows momentum to build and encourages action as progress is made from one session to another but for some people it may be more appropriate to begin with a shorter series or even a one-off session.


In each session, the coach will use a combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback to enable you to develop a greater understanding of your current situation and generate new ways to resolve issues, define what you want to achieve, identify actions and make them happen.