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The Baby Boomer generation have been instrumental in changing the way we see retirement. No longer are we expected to work for 40 years then retire to a life of leisure punctuated by ill health and many people in their mid or later life are expecting not just to live longer but to be able to live a life rich with meaning and fulfilment.

For many, the new retirement will mean they don't really retire until they are past 80 while for others, retirement from paid work will lead to volunteering, childcare and an active social life. The number of over 50s starting a new business has increased dramatically in the last few years.

Whether you are in mid or later life, retired or thinking about it, you can create the life you choose if you think ahead, make a plan and act on it.




One to one coaching is a very useful tool to help you cope with the challenges that the transition to retirement brings. It can help you decide what is important for you, what kind of life you want to have and what you have to do to make it happen.




Retirement workshops are a great way to share with and learn from others in a group setting, to explore the issues that 'retirement' brings. Work on identifying your ideal life and create an action plan that will help you achieve the life you choose 




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